This series of institutional racquets offers the best possible combinations of durability and playability at different prices to respond to different budgets – from primary schools to universities.

  • The high quality Taiwanese materials used in these racquets are the best available for metal racquets.

  • Because the frames are so durable, the other components have to last that much longer:

    • Butt caps are double length, to stay in place under the most intense use

    • Grips wraps are firmly glued to the solid wooden handles

    • 3 models have a built-in replacement grip (Double Grip system)

    • All models have long lasting Lonfibre badminton string and durable nylon grommets. 

    • 2 models have extra thick Lonfibre Plus string for extreme durability


It is important to remember that institutional models are designed for very frequent and demanding usage and are not the best choices for individual players looking for personal racquets. Racquet covers are not included with 100 series models, whereas covers are included from the 200 series up, and with most junior models.


Frame: Tempered steel head and shaft. SG10 steel tubing.

String: Lonfibre SX21

String Tension: 15 - 18 lbs.

AFW (average frame weight): 125g

Overall Length: 66.5cm

Designed for:  Early primary school use; novice or occasional player.

Characteristics: The Starter has a tough tempered steel head and shaft and is designed for primary school use and other usages where low acquisition cost and durable features are more important than the playing experience. Advantages include a double length butt cap; solid wooden handle; durable nylon grommets.


String:          Lonfibre SX21

Tension:      17-21 lbs

AFW:            110 grams


String:          Lonfibre Plus

Tension:      17-21 lbs

AFW:            120 grams