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About Us

Black Knight USA is the distributor of Black Knight Squash and Badminton products throughout the USA and the Americas.

We are also the distributors for Ashaway racquet strings. Our premier frames are prestrung with Ashaway- another point of difference from our competitors.
Over the years Black Knight has been the first to market with many key developments in squash and badminton such as full graphite shafts, wide body frames, 67 and 68 cm racquet lengths in badminton, TUF grip, Power Channel, VibraPlate, the Knight Trainer and many more.
The company was formed in May 2014. Its team presently consists of David Palmer, Ray Lindsay, Jeff Young and Bryan Patterson; the company was previously owned by Bob Morgan. BKUSA is steadily increasing its presence in the Northeast and is growing its product line with our first custom racquets, new backpacks, and our new shoes debuting in 2016.


David Palmer (originally from Australia) has won two World squash titles, four British Opens and consequentially for ten years was ranked in the Professional Squash Association top ten of the world.

Dave is now the Head Coach at Cornell University,Ithaca.Dave has been involved in BK product development for a number of years and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.

Ray Lindsay (originally from New Zealand) has played and coached squash all over the world. He was National Coach of the Luxembourg team in the 90s.Ray came to the United States in 1998. He was first sponsored by Blackknight in 1999 and always thought the products stood out. For all enquries please contact: (Phone: 216.334.8087)

Bryan Patterson has been involved with squash for many years. A world top-16 player in his day, he is Director of squash for City Squash, a non-profit after-school enrichment program for economically disadvantaged households. Bryan brings a wealth of knowledge to BK.

Jeff Young is a well-known Aussie squash pro who has played in Europe before coming to the USA

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