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These are examples of what we have done

Custom Racquets

TOG ACK Custom Racquets

Balance: Head Light

Rigidity Index: 93

Grip: Rad Mesh

String: PowerNick 19

Weight: 130g

TOG's brand new custom made 'TOG ACK' - Powered by Black Knight


Hello Nantucket! Here is your customized TOG Black Knight racket in the very island colors.


For those looking for a racquet to help with power and really allow you to attack the ball quickly, this is your choice! Based on the Black Knight Ion Quartz PSX racket, the TOG ACK hasn't just got all its brilliant features, it looks awesome too! With 130 grams it is a light racket and it the feel is even lighter than its weight due to its head light balance. Black Knight gives it a dynamic weight of 125 grams. It's a great racket for for quick volleywork. The large tear drop head helps it deliver excellent power. The combination of speed, power and style make this a racket to die for.

TOG 617 Custom Racquest
TOG 617

Balance: 13.8in / 35cm

Rigidity Index: 93

Grip: Competition Black

String: PowerNick 18

Weight: 135g

TOG's brand new custom made 'TOG 617' - Powered by Black Knight


TOG's and Black Knight first ever customized racket. A cool dark blue and yellow camo design, and excellent technological design for the player who looks for strength, power and precision.


The Ion series is developed in collaboration with World Champion Palmer, who worked his way to the very top under the guidance of TOG Coach Shaun Moxham.


The Ion Storm racquet uses Nano-Crystalline Technology (NCT) as an additive to the polymer structure of the graphite frame, for reinforcement at key stress points while allowing for finetuning of the weight and balance. The combination of NCT with the Ion frame geometry also effectively reduces frame distortion and torque for a larger sweetspot and greater control for hard hitters such as Palmer. The shaft is flared in 2 dimensions between the bridge and the handle to create a progressive flex, increasing power transfer.

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