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Ashaway Oblivion is Ashaway's first hybrid squash string. The cross string PowerFusion has been specially made to enhance PowerNick's mains string. Oblivion is the ultimate combination of adding a soft feel to a firm, powerful string.

  • Length: 390 ft / 119 m - (Mains) - 59.5m (195ft) and (Crosses) - 59.5m (195ft)
  • Gauges: Mains PowerNick 18g (1.15mm) and Crosses PowerFusion 17g (1.20mm)
  • Color: Mains - Red and Crosses - White
  • String Approximately 12 squash racquets
  • PowerNick Mains - Zyex monofilament core construction
  • PowerFusion Crosses - Braided Zyex and nylon fibers in a durable mulitfilament construction
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Lively and durable mains generate excellent power and ball speed
  • Softer, more flexible crosses and superior feel and ball control
  • Hybrid pattern designed for optimum string bed combination of durability and playability

Reccommended Stringing

  • Mains - up to 32 lbs
  • Crosses - up to 34 lbs
  • Note: Recommended crosses to be installed at 5% more tension than mains

Oblivion Squash string reel

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