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Graphite frames with advanced technologies for great all around performance!

Recreational Series

Sq3700 Flash Recreational Series

mrsp:  $55.00


MAP: $37.50

SKU: SQ-3700

String: Ashaway SuperNick

Grip: Ribbed

This fused graphite aluminum racquet has a bridge frame for control and gives beginners a tough head light racquet with a one  piece look.The fused shaft reduces vibration and stiffens the shaft for better playability. A large 497 head provides a big hitting is strung with high performing BK kevfibre string

Bandit lll Recreational Series

mrsp:  $100.00


MAP: $82.50

SKU: SQ-5242

String: Kevifibre Ti

Grip: Tuf

Only available in the USA. this has been a huge seller, a very strong frame, it is a step up from many racquets that sell at a similar price.. A large 500 sq cm head, that creates a lot of power.

Viper ll Recreational Series

mrsp:  $95.00

SKU: SQ-5262

String: Ashaway SuperNick

Grip: Ribbed

This is a very popular model. A  strong frame with a nice design.This  is a great "starter" racquet. for a fair price.

Stratos Recreational Series

mrsp:  $85.00


MAP: $66.00

SKU: SQ-4721

String: BK Kevfibre

Grip: PU Tacky

A teardrop frame creates a longer sweet spot for more power.With a weight of 145 g and an even balance this is a very easy racquet to start with.

Not many enhanced carbon graphite frames are under $100.

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