Graphite frames with advanced technologies for great all around performance!

Recreational Series

Sq3700 Flash Recreational Series

mrsp:  $55.00


MAP: $37.50

SKU: SQ-3700

String: Ashaway SuperNick

Grip: Ribbed

Designed for advanced squash players, the Black Knight Pro X Teardrop is a lightweight frame with great feedback and aggressive balance. A large sweet spot and unique rigid cross section profile makes it easier to strike the ball with precision. Combine that with Ashaway's MultiNick 18 String and you've got an impressive racquet with a fantastic level of power and control.

Bandit lll Recreational Series

mrsp:  $100.00


MAP: $82.50

SKU: SQ-5242

String: Kevifibre Ti

Grip: Tuf

This has been a very popular model, due to the price point and the design. A large 500 sq cm head, that creates a lot of power.

Viper ll Recreational Series

mrsp:  $95.00

SKU: SQ-5262

String: Ashaway SuperNick

Grip: Ribbed

This is a very popular model. A  strong frame with a nice design.This  is a great "starter" racquet. for a fair price.

Stratos Recreational Series

mrsp:  $85.00


MAP: $66.00

SKU: SQ-4721

String: BK Kevfibre

Grip: PU Tacky

A teardrop frame creates a longer sweet spot for more power.With a weight of 145 g and an even balance this is a very easy racquet to start with.

Not many enhanced carbon graphite frames are under $100.