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Squash... A Health Regime

All over the world, people are more concerned about their fitness regime. Squash is a racquet sport that is popular in all the nations. Squash is known to be an excellent cardiovascular workout. This sport is played by two or four players. It is played in a four-wall court with a small, hollow rubber ball. This game is played by anyone and everyone and can be learned without effort.’ Squash is the number one healthiest sport to play’ Forbes stated in 2003

Some of the health benefits of squash are given

People are prone to stress due to distress in their personal and professional life. So, Squash is a game that helps relieve all your negative thoughts by releasing all the anger, the frustration and the pain and turning it all into a positive thought. This positive thought would in turn be a positive action

Squash also helps in improving the concentration and eye coordination by keeping us mentally fit. The focus of the players playing the game would be diverted to its strategies and hitting the ball

What would be better than playing squash to burn a few calories!! It gets your heart working as well as in pumping a lot of oxygenated blood around. Research has shown that squash, indeed, is effective

Hitting the ball hard is not an easy task, so for that strength and endurance is a necessity which is achieved by playing the game

It increases the confidence and capability of the player whether you may have a win in the game or not. When the player does his best in the game, it improves the self-esteem of the player

Squash improves the flexibility and agility of the players. This game makes it easier for the muscles to stretch. It stimulates elasticity and blood flow in the body.

Gyms and clubs that have squash as a sport to play and compete with each other help build a friendly atmosphere. Many centers and clubs arrange for the squash tournament in order to keep the friendly atmosphere going.

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